A mobile infinite scrolling game written for Android in C++

This is Gravity Jump. It is a cross-platform game written primarily for mobile devices (Android/iOS), it uses the cocos2dx library and is written in C++.

The game is an infinite scolling game, using proceedrul generation in order to create the level. The parts of the levels are created with different chunks.

I have integerated metrics and achievements within the game, keeping track of various players scores and details as they play. This was going to be develoepd seperately into a metrics library that can be used to track players behaviours within different apps.

I used Googles Mocking framework to test the game during development.

It is currently an alpha, so expect some quirks.

Here is an example of a powerup you can find in the game. (Infinite Gravity Switching)

You can view the code over on my Github :) Or download it and have a play!

Full-width image Jump over obstacles as the level progresses!