This is a fun little game I wrote using C# and Unity. A small physics based puzzle game with highscore connectivity

This is RolyPolyGO. It is a game written in C# that runs on the Unity engine. I have a login system that tracks player currency which can be spent on different skins in the game. The data is stored in AWs on an RDS database. I use PHP running on EC2 instances to help integrate with the backend.

The game can be run on PC or mobile and primarily uses touch to control the ball to the end of the course. Several enemies on contact will cause various status effects that need to be watched out for. The goal is getting to the end the fastest, you have infinite lives.

It is currently an alpha, so expect some quirks.

You can view the code over on my Github :) Or download it and have a play!

Full-width image Avoid enemies along the course.